Our goal is to provide you with prompt and professional services day or night.

If you are arrested and detained and cannot afford to post your own bail, you can contact AAA Garcia Bail Bonds. We charge a starting fee of 10% non-refundable fee of the bail amount. We will explain all paperwork and court proceedings to you at no additional cost. At AAA Garcia Bail Bonds we want this to be an easy process, we will also provide transportation to and from court at no cost to you. No matter what the offense is we offer affordable bail bonds for any situation.

Cocaine     Prostitution     Assault Charges     Murder     Fraud     Vehicle Theft

Marijuana     Battery Charges     Wire Fraud     Traffic Crimes     Bribery

Heroin     Conspiracy     Domestic Charges     Accessory     Arson     Burglary

Drunk Driving     Embezzlement     Harassment     Identity Theft     Shoplifting

Free Consultation

We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will answer any questions you have about the bond and explain the bail process to you.

Free Transportation

We know you have lots to worry about and transportation should not be one of them. AAA Garcia Bail Bonds will provide you a FREE ride to the courthouse.

Email & Fax Documents

At AAA Garcia Bail Bonds, we will provide you with FREE Email and Fax service for all documents. We will send any documents you need to the court  or any other government office.

Nationwide Service

We offer bail bond services throughout the United States. Whether you are here in Texas or in Chicago, we can offer our bail bond services to you anytime, anywhere.

Free Warrant Check

If you believe you may have a warrant, you can put your mind at ease. Just give us a call and we can check for you. If you do have a warrant, we can help you through the process of posting bond.

Payment Plans

At AAA Garcia Bail Bonds, we know things happen. We offer payment plans to fit everyone’s budget to help you or your loved one to make life easier.

We except the following payment methods

Cash| Credit/Debit Card | Money Order | Certified Check